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Your lawn adds value to your home.  Your entire property speaks about who you are.  Your lawn should be healthy, vibrant, and maintained with pride.  When it matters to you, trust your property to the best turf equipment -- and the best local source, Smith's A-1 Lawn Equipment.


Smith's A-1 Lawn Equipment is a third-generation family business specializing in the highest quality equipment for residential and commercial lawncare.  ToroCountry ClipperBob-Cat.  These are the names that have established excellent reputations.  While many brands have sacrificed quality and outsourced manufacturing, these companies have kept product quality as the top priority. 


And product quality results in lawn quality, pure and simple.


Zero-turn mowers have revolutionized lawn care, especially for properties with acreage.  The speed and handling can help you save up to 45% in mowing time compared to a standard lawn tractor, leaving behind the manicured cut you love.  The maneuverability of these mowers allows you to follow landscape features and contours effortlessly in one pass.  Once you experience a high-quality zero-turn mower, a regular lawn tractor will never measure up again.


Smith's A-1 is where you will find durable Toro, Country Clipper and Bob-Cat zero-turn mowers plus experienced help to guide you to the best equipment and accessories for the individual needs of your property.  Smith's A-1 Lawn Equipment is also the highly experienced, highly trusted service and repair shop for all major brands of lawnmowers and mower engines.


Smith's A-1 is also proud to introduce the innovative Oregon Cordless Tool System to the Muncie, Indiana area!  Powered by no-fade interchangeable battery packs, Oregon cordless outdoor tools are high-performance yet quiet and portable.


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Oregon Cordless Tool System at Smith's A-1 in Muncie, Indiana: cordless chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and edgers