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More and more in our repair shop, we are seeing fuel system failures with a common cause: the wrong fuel.  Now, we don't mind keeping busy... but we hate to see good equipment ruined prematurely by something as simple as the fuel that goes in it.


To get the most life and quality performance out of your turf equipment, keep the following in mind:

  • Hard starting, poor running, misfires, leaks and excessive heat are all symptoms of problems with gasoline and your carburetor.  Call Smith's A-1 at the earliest signs so we can help you prevent further damage.

  • Because of constant changes in government standards on fuel, compatibility with carburetors is now a common issue and is NOT warranted by ANY manufacturers.

  • Alcohol blends of no more than 10% ethanol can be used but are NOT recommended.  Biofuels are NOT approved for any small engines as of now.


As shown in the image to the right, deposits caused by improper fuel can quickly cover multiple parts of your fuel system.  When we first take out the carburetor, it's actually like a gel -- a build-up that robs your engine of performance and rapidly decays both your gas and the fuel system it runs through.  As it dries, it turns into a powdery residue.  It corrodes metal and makes rubber components brittle, leading to leaks.  All this can occur within just one month!


When your engine is not in use, ethanol is still busy.  Ethanol is known to attract water which begins the corrosion process almost immediately.  Shorter equipment life and reduced performance are the results.


SMITH'S A-1 RECOMMENDS:  Since ethanol-free gasolines are difficult to find, Smith's A-1 offers Ethanol Shield, an ultra-concentrated fuel stabilizer proven to prevent ethanol-related problems while stabilizing fuel for up to 3 years.  We have found it to be very effective at improving engine performance, extending equipment life and saving big on repair costs.


Ethanol Shield keeps the alcohol suspended in the fuel, enveloping water so it passes safely through the fuel system without bonding to parts.  Ethanol Shield is also effective in gas-powered trimmers, blower and other small engines that sit for an extended period between uses.  We are proud to offer this Made in the USA product to help you get the most out of your equipment.

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