Oregon Cordless Tool System

The innovative and versatile Oregon Cordless Tool System is an exciting addition to Smith's A-1!  Oregon Cordless tools use a long-lasting, interchangeable 40V* battery pack that powers your chainsaw, trimmer/edger, hedge trimmer -- or all three! 


One Muncie area user who has tried the chainsaw says of the battery pack: "It will last as long as you do!"  A full hour into work on two fallen trees, the B600E battery pack still had the chainsaw humming.


Oregon cordless outdoor tools help you get work done without hassling with fuel, oil, or cords.  Oregon tools have no emissions, no fumes, and are silent when not in use.  Power comes instantly, lasts long, and doesn't fade as you work.  And speaking of power, you don't have to sacrifice performance while enjoying these other benefits.


Call 765-284-7787 or click here to contact Smith's A-1 with any questions you have about the Oregon cordless tools you see below.  Or visit our showroom on State Road 3 in Muncie to see them for yourself!

* Fully charged battery voltage without workload is 40V.  Nominal voltage is 37.


Instant start and no fumes, fuels or cords.  Amazing integrated PowerSharp system sharpens the chain in 3 to 5 seconds -- on the saw, on the job!

The ST250 and new ST275 use .80" SuperTwist Gatorline with low drag for longer run time.  4 times quieter than a gas trimmer and silent in between!

Strong 24" blade gives you great reach.  Precision cutting plates give cleaner cuts and keep plants healthier.  Quiet, portable, powerful.

High-speed chain on a compact cutting head for improved cutting agility.  Branch hook for small limb removal is built-in.  Low vibration for user comfort.

Oregon Cordless Blower at Smith's A-1 in Muncie: easy handling with no cords, no fumes, and silent between uses

Lightweight for easy handling.  Large variable-speed trigger and turbo button. Max air speed of 131.5MPH. Up to 90 minutes of run time!

High capacity power cells need only 30 minutes to full charge!  Stores charge for months and no need to drain battery or wait for full charge before use!