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When your lawn equipment is in great shape, your lawn will be too!

Smith's A-1 Lawn Equipment is interested in the long-term health and beauty of your lawn, which means keeping your turf equipment working properly and running well.  Dave Alley manages the service and repair division of Smith's A-1 Lawn Equipment, where we work to extend the working life of your lawn equipment -- and your investment!


Smith's A-1 is a factory authorized warranty and repair shop for Country Clipper lawn equipment.  Smith's A-1 is also factory authorized warranty and repair shop for Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler engines.  With over 50 years of experience on the inside of these workhorse machines, Smith's A-1 is also qualified to service and repair many other brands of lawn equipment and small engines.  Even if you didn't buy it here, you can get the expert fix you need at Smith's A-1.



Common problems in the spring include stale fuel and residue buildup as a result of the mower sitting idle for several months.  Fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer will often solve the problems, but occasionally your mower and fuel system will need a good cleaning here at Smith's A-1.  Preventive maintenance and winterizing in the late fall will help you hit the ground running smoothly in the spring.


Common problems in the summer include worn deck bearings and fuel system buildup.  If you hear rattling, ringing, or other sounds of friction while operating your mower, call Smith's A-1 right away to help diagnose the problem.  We can advise you on the best way to protect your investment and keep your mower running right.


Preventive maintenance to keep your equipment in peak working condition includes checking the oil regularly, checking your spark plug, and replacing your fuel filter when necessary.  Our Country Clipper mowers are so reliable, other problems will be rare.  These simple steps put long-running durability in your hands!

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