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Pre-Owned Mowers at Smith's A-1

Throughout the season, Smith's A-1 Lawn Equipment has a variety of pre-owned mowers for sale.  We usually get these as a trade-in when a customer purchases one of our high-quality Toro or Country Clipper mowers.  So we give these the same care and attention we would any turf equipment -- cleaning, troubleshooting, tuning and restoring them to maximize their useful life and provider the buyer a great deal.


A pre-owned mower from Smith's A-1 is a mower that has received the best possible care.  We do not resell junk and we will not put a poorly maintained mower into anyone's hands.  Browse the used mowers below, then give us a call or stop by our showroom on State Road 3 in Muncie to see them in person!



When we have another mower to post, we will put images and all the details right here!

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