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Toro powered push mowers in Muncie

Toro Walk Power Mowers in Muncie

For the smaller lawn or trim mowing where walking is preferable, Toro offers powered walk mowers and you will find them here! These are not the low-grade push mowers found at mass merchants or garden centers, these are high-quality machines worthy of the Toro name.

Toro Personal Pace push mower
Toro Super Recycler push mower

Toro has loaded these mowers with options so you can choose the perfect model for your lawn. The Personal Pace system comforms to the way you like to mow, and the SmartStow configuration takes up less space in your garage or shed. Electric Start is increasingly popular and that's what you will find in our Muncie showroom!

The Personal Pace Self Propel system automatically adjusts to your walking speed.  Your Toro mower works with you -- no need to fight it!

The convenient Spin Stop system stops the blade but not the engine so you can step away for a moment without needing to restart.

With the Washout Port option, flush the underside deck clean while the mower is still upright.  Simply attach a garden hose to the port!

Toro Walk Power mowers are guaranteed to start on the first or second pull or we will fix it for free.  Various warranties available. Ask us for details!

For the ultimate golf course finish, add the Lawn Striping attachment!

These outstanding push mowers are powered by Toro or Honda engines, and Smith's A-1 is factory authorized to maintain and service them all. Also ask about Toro e-Cycler cordless electric mowers with long-lasting 60V lithium-ion battery packs!

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